Welcome to the "Big Book Revealed" meeting page.

We are currently not meeting as a result of the pandemic and are waiting to hear from the church as to when we may return. Our hope is to be back soon. We are meeting in another location for the time being and if you wish to attend please reach out to us here.

We meet on Tuesday nights, 7:30 - 9 pm, at All Saints Church.

The address is 111 Greenwich Avenue, Warwick, RI 02886.

The meeting is open and is for both men and women and is not your typical Big Book Step Study meeting. It is however, the extension and result of those who have been through the process, who have completed their inventory, have spoken to their fifth step, and have worked well into their amends, and now live in God-consciousness as a result of the work, impressing upon others the benefit of following the steps as they are laid out in the Big Book.


Before what we have today and know as our Big Book Step Study meetings there was a beginning to it all. A meeting where one line in the Big Book, "Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path." was discussed and looked at in an effort by fellow(s) who wished to know what the pioneers and founders of Alcoholics Anonymous found, and had. This meeting became what we have today.


The format and seeming rigidity of our BBSS meetings, is so valuable to those who are dying "in the halls" and seeking a solution to their problem(s). Without this many would have perished, and worse yet, might have taken others with them.


But what happens after?


From "We Agnostics." -

"Afterward, we found ourselves accepting many things which then seemed entirely out of reach." Of course they're referencing faith and belief but aren't we who have recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body also placed in the position of accepting many things that were out of reach before we awakened spiritually? Especially as it relates to carrying the message of the Twelve Steps as they are outlined in the Big Book? And does not this place us in a position of wanting to know more? In a position of wanting to study at a deeper level? In a position of wanting to combat the frothy emotional appeal with God's aid that near kills so many in Alcoholics Anonymous?


Isn't it true that there are two, if not more, ways to appreciate and read the Big Book?

There's the drive through it, and the work, that allows us to gain in knowledge via experience. Priceless.

Then there's the look almost like through a rear view mirror where one might be forced to examine their senses at even deeper levels with a wonder and amazement. Now, that's a long distance from cunning, baffling and powerful.


These are the exact reasons for the Big Book Revealed meeting.


The meeting is an in depth study of the Big Book. It is most definitely step by step, chapter by chapter, line by line and at times it's word by word. Sound familiar? Indeed it hails back to the time when a fellow was inspired to look at it all from an entirely different angle with the aim of knowing more. Indeed this is what we now have for this meeting.


Each week our meeting will be led by a fellow who meets the typical group conscience. One who has completed their writing, has done their fifth step, and has made it into their amends and continues to try to practice our principles in all their affairs.


There is no set time for the lead as each piece of the writing is discussed at length and is determined by the context of the reading or step being studied. The rigidity of the typical BBSS meetings on who may speak is cast aside for one reason only. It allows questions to be asked and allows us to know more about prospects in Alcoholics Anonymous as they reveal themselves with their words, and deportment.

The effort to carry our message is centered here...

"Get an idea of his behavior, his problems, his background, the seriousness of his condition, and his religious leanings. You need this information to put yourself in his place, to see how you would like him to approach you if the tables were turned."


If you've been through the process with a qualified sponsor and Loving Creator and meet the typical BBSS group conscience come join us and give freely of what you have found. If you've not been through the process and wish to know more please join us as we embrace the solution Alcoholics Anonymous offers.